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4 Easy Practices You Can Implement to Show Self-Appreciation

It is not uncommon in society, to see people constantly complain and disapprovingly criticize others. There is a lot of negativity, not just in everyday life, but also online. I feel that people are quick to point out flaws, call out a person's past mistakes, and even overanalyze what they do, what they say, how they look, and even what they share on social media, not with the purpose of uplifting, valuing or supporting them, but rather with the hope of making them feel insecure, inadequate and not worthy.

This also has become a normalized conduct in how people treat themselves. Have you ever noticed how hard it is for some of us to take a compliment? Or how quick we are to bring up our so-called negative traits and blank out when asked to say one positive thing we love about ourselves?

Why do we bristle when other people cherish themselves publicly, but normalize tearing others down? Why is it that we have become so okay with self-criticism, but feel uncomfortable with self-praise?

Today, I wanted to share some easy practices that we can all implement to show more self-love and self-appreciation. In order to normalize being kind, showing love and uplifting ourselves and others, we have to start working on our own self.

Below are some suggestions to help you be more gracious with yourself and start manifesting self-love and self-appreciation into your everyday life.

Write positive attributes about yourself

Before anything else, it is important that you create an inventory of all the things you are proud to have accomplished, your special qualities, your character traits that you appreciate having, as well as what things you love about your personality, body, and intellect.

Writing them down is a perfect way to materialize that self-love and self-acceptance. I find that when I have my thoughts written in a piece of paper or on my notes app, I am able to process information better. It is a quick way to access things when I need to remember something.

One of the keys to manifestation is putting things out into the universe, and I truly believe that when it comes to nurturing self-acceptance, we need to not only verbalize our positive attributes, but also materialize our words.

You can designate a special notebook or journal, in which you write every day. You can also use the notes app on your phone, or have a document in your computer. I recommend using self-esteem worksheets to make it easier for you. This is a great way to be more focused and motivated to cultivate this practice.

Make sure to check out the Faërie Lifestyle Shop. There are so many resources available to help women get organized, achieve their goals, be productive, live more intentionally and find inspiration in everyday life.

Celebrate your wins big or small

It is time to stop minimizing our accomplishments or in some cases not even acknowledging them. The "hustle culture" has not only normalized being overtired and overworked but it has also made it seem like we are expected to be successful in everything, and when we reach a special milestone or coveted goal, we move on to the next thing.

This mindset is toxic, dangerous, and needs to stop. So no more taking our success for granted. We should feel happy and proud of our accomplishments. I want you to keep in mind that you don't have to wait to do something others qualify as extraordinary in order for you to feel worthy of celebrating.

We are all in different journeys and deal with complex things in our everyday life. What's important is that you have a clear vision of what success means to you. Don't let others define that. Stay true to your convictions and values.

Get to know yourself

As I said before, in order to show self-appreciation you need to stay true to yourself. An important part of this process is to truly get to know yourself. Self-growth through personality tests, books, podcasts and resources that nurture self-awareness is a great way to show self-appreciation.

The most valuable investment will always be you! This is a continuous, transformative process. Our experiences makes us be in constant change. As we grow, we become better humans. Don't stay stuck!

Cultivate a gratitude practice

Embracing and developing a mindset of gratefulness is one of the most transformative habits you can develop. Being able to appreciate the big and small things will help fill your life with positivity, peace, and happiness.

I want you to keep in mind that even though it is important to appreciate the blessings and opportunities that happen to us, it is equally as important to be grateful for who we are as individuals. Being able to appreciate all the amazing qualities about yourself and your character is a way to show self-love.

This is not being egocentric or too full of yourself. As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, we have been conditioned to quickly point out things we don't like about ourselves, but blank at the thought of speaking praise about ourselves.

So, starting today sit down with your journal or notebook and start writing down all the wonderful things you're grateful to have accomplished so far. What are some things about your personality that you feel proud of? You've gotten this far in life, and you should be grateful that your strength, intellect, resilience, and perseverance have allowed you to do pretty great things in life. Celebrate and appreciate yourself!

If you need any help on how to cultivate a gratitude practice, I recommend you check out my 90 Day Gratitude Journal. It is filled with 90 different prompts to help guide your practice. It also includes a different inspirational quote to keep you motivated.

There you have it, four simple ways you can start appreciating and showing more love to the most important person in your life: you!

Thank you so much for reading this post. I truly hope it inspires and helps you in your journey of practicing and showing self-appreciation.

Until next time.

Gabriela Fernández

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