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Faërie Lifestyle is a lifestyle blog created with the purpose of empowering and encouraging women to embrace creativity, conquer their dreams, build a community and find inspiration in everyday life.


We create feminine designs to inspire women and help them get organized, achieve their goals, be productive, and live more intentionally.

Goal-Setting Planner

Goal Setting Planner_ Ultimate Goal Plan

Goal Planner based on the Nine Dimensions of Wellness to help you achieve a fulfilled life.

Monthly Planner

Monthly Planner.png

A digital monthly planner printable page. 

Digital Notebook

Digital Notebook.png

A six tab digital notebook with lined, grid, dotted, and blank paper templates.

90 Day Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal.png

A digital 90 Day Gratitude Journal with a different prompt for each day.

Daily Routine and Habits Tracker

Daily Routines and Habits Tracker.png

A digital daily routine and habits planner printable page. 

Self-Esteem Workbook

Self-Esteem Workbook.png

A digital self-esteem workbook to help you explore and develop a positive self-image. 

Personal Finance Planner

Personal Finance Planner.png

A digital personal finance planner.

Ma Chérie Lightroom Presets Pack

Ma Chérie Lightroom Presets.png

A set of 4 gorgeous, feminine presets to enhance your photographs.

Weekly Planner

Weekly Planner Printable (Portrait and L

A digital weekly planner printable page that comes in portrait and landscape orientation.

Daily Planner

Daily Planner.png

A digital daily planner printable page.

My Year in Review Workbook

My Year in Review Workbook

A digital workbook to help you reflect, review, and keep track of your most important highlights throughout the year.

Workout Tracker

Workout Tracker.png

A digital workout tracker printable page.

Weekly Planner

Weekly Planner.png

A digital weekly planner printable page.

Floral Instagram Highlight Covers

Floral Instagram Stories Highlight Cover

40 Instagram Highlight Covers with a floral and delicate design.

Daily Tasks

Daily Tasks.png

A digital daily tasks planner printable page.

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