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Powerful Affirmations to Manifest Your Dream Life

Harnessing the power of positive thinking allows you to shift your mindset and focus on welcoming good and encouraging things to your life. The core idea is that focusing on positive thoughts can attract positive experiences, and vice versa.

Even though thoughts alone won't make your dreams come true, thought exercises like affirmations can help you challenge negative thinking patterns.

In order to live a purposeful, happy and successful life, you need to take action, but if you don't have the right mindset, those things will either take too long or not happen at all.

Your thoughts and feelings, whether they are positive or negative, can influence your experiences.

So, if you focus on cultivating optimism and have positive energy in your thoughts, you'll start to see positive manifestations in your life. 

Whatever reality you envision for yourself has the possibility of becoming true. Every one of your thoughts is creating pictures of the life you want, and these images are influencing the choices and actions you take towards making your thoughts a tangible reality.

If you want a happy life, you're going to think happy thoughts and allow yourself to be in situations, environments, and relationships that only bring you joy.

5 Basic Steps to Harness the Power of Positive Thinking

1. Create a plan for your life.

Take the time to visually reflect the kind of life you want. Whether it's a dream board, a vision board, a journal, or any other way you want, map out what kind of life you envision. This will help give you clarity on what actions and steps you need to take to manifest the life of your dreams.

2. Turn your vision into a present reality.

The power of using affirmations will help you translate your life vision into a reality. Whatever area of your life you decide to work on, always believe that you're ready now. Don't hope for the future or dwell in the past. Manifesting is meant to happen in our present.

I created a set of printable images with some of the most powerful affirmations that have helped me transform my life. There are tons of resources available online that you can search for and even books that you can buy. But most importantly, write your own set of affirmations. You can use what others have written as a guide on how to start; but you're the only one that knows your vision and it's your gift to turn it into your very own reality.

3. Pour passion and emotion into your vision & reality.

Don't just create a vision board or a list of affirmations as an obligation. Do it with all the passion you have inside you. Feelings and emotions are a contributing factor in the outcome of all our situations. The deeper and powerful your focus, the more stronger it will manifest in the Universe.

4. Meditate and reflect.

If you really want to manifest abundance in every area of your life, you need to stray away from the hectic and busy way of modern life. You need to calm your mind in order to produce calm thoughts that will send out the best vibrations. Meditation and reflection can help, by allowing you to let go of negative thoughts and emotions.

5. Be grateful and learn to receive.

Being appreciative of what's present in your life is going to make your life better. Instead of complaining and whining about things around and inside you, appreciate and be thankful for all that you have. Trust me, in no time you'll start to experience changes in your life as your days fill with happiness, fulfillment and abundance.

It's also important to prepare yourself to receive and welcome these positive changes into your life. Let go of all negative and useless experiences, things, relationships and feelings. Renew yourself and your surroundings. In other words, clear off the old and make way for the new.

And finally, share your blessings and joy with all living beings around you. Spread kindness and positivity wherever you go and in everything you do.

Don't forget to download the free set of printable images with some of the most powerful affirmations to start manifesting the life of your dreams.

I really hope this post serves as a guide to shift your life into a path of positivity, abundance, and prosperity.

Until next time.

Gabriela Fernández

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