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A Simple Guide to Create Passive Income Online

Hello and welcome to a new post that I'm so excited to share with all of you. Today I wanted to talk to you about creative ways you can make money online- and specifically passive income.

When I created my blog, the biggest goal for me was to be able to make an income while making an impact. In simpler terms, I wanted to make this blog profitable, without forgetting to help others find their creative voice and inspire them to live a life full of passion, individuality and creativity.

I know many people out there can relate to my journey. After I finished Grad School I was certain of one thing: I didn't want to get a job in the corporate world. That would drain my soul and make me miserable. So I opted for the non-conventional path. And honestly, it wasn't all peaches and creams. I've had my setbacks and doubts, but running my own creative business and my blog are something that makes me immensely proud and happy. Knowing that I'm in control of my life and career and that every morning I wake up and get to work on something that is entirely mine fills my heart with joy and excitement.

I know that not everyone can take this path without first taking the time to assess the situation. Also, I don't expect you to. As a young adult, I understand the financial strains and responsibilities that make it necessary to have a steady income. But, you can look for alternative ways to make some extra money and in today's guide I will share with you some ideas that are simple and don't require a high investment.

Let's start with the basics. First I want to talk about what I think passive income really is.

A quick Google search for the term can lead to millions of confusing and contradicting definitions. From what I understand, passive income is money you receive on a regular basis from an activity, product or service you created in the past, that doesn't require you to work on it again. Once the income source is made available, it will generate money on its own, provided that clients buy or acquire it.

Passive income is not making money while you sleep, or investing in real estate or stocks. It is also not easy money or a set and forget revenue stream. You are going to need to work hard in creating your products or services and you'll need to invest money and time in creating multiple revenue streams. But in the long term, you'll receive money regularly without having to be working on it 24/7.

I find that the best and simplest way to start with your passive income portfolio is through the internet. There are a great variety of options to make money online. The internet is a huge marketplace that allows you to have diverse revenue streams. You can write books or articles, sell photographs or photo editing presets, you can sell handmade products or create an online shop. There is a myriad of possibilities. All you need are the right tools to create, promote, sell and manage your products or services.

My Top 3 Passive Income Online Revenue Streams

1. Online Store/Marketplace

We are living in the age of digital shoppers. Most of us use the internet to buy pretty much everything we need, ranging from food, clothes, personal care items and entertainment. So why not take advantage of this consumer preference and start an online store.

You don't need to invest a lot of money to do this and there are many tools available online that help you set up and manage your shop.

2. Writing and Blogging

One of the best ways to generate passive income is through writing a book or eBook and selling it through your own online store or blog. If you love writing or have great stories and ideas to share with the world, then this passion project can turn into something lucrative.

Blogging is also a great way to make some extra money. You have to work really hard to produce content that attracts your readers and provides value.

The blogging industry has changed so much and now it is not only about the blog posts you write. It is important to build your brand and social media engagement. But blogging offers you complete freedom to explore creative ways to make money. You can use affiliate programs, sell your own products, offer specific services and even sell online courses or books about specific blogging niches and themes.

3. Design and Photography

Selling your designs and photographs online is a great way to turn a hobby into a profitable business. If you're passionate about photography or have a keen for graphic design then you can really make good money selling your art. There are many sites like Creative Fabrica that let you sell digital goodies like graphics, fonts, illustrations, printables, photographs, photo editing presets, templates and so much more.

Photography is also great to make money. There are many bloggers and brands that are constantly looking for professional photos that match their aesthetic. If you already have a camera and know a thing or two about photography, then why not sell your portraits and photos online.

I hope this post inspired you to start looking into ways to start making some additional money and turn it into a form of passive income in the near future. Remember, in order to enjoy this path you are going to have to initially work hard and invest some time and money. In order to make money you need to put in a little effort. Don't believe people or websites that claim you can make money while you sleep or by being lazy. That's not how this work.

Passive income is meant to be looked at as a future investment. You work hard now to create products or services that later on will have the ability to generate revenue without you needing to exchange all your energy and time into them. This form of income is meant to be auto-sustainable and take advantage of the online marketplace.

I really hope this post was useful in some way. Let me know in the comments down below what are some ideas you want to carry out to start your passive income journey. Like and share this post so other people can get inspiration too. Thank you so much for reading.

Until next time.

Gabriela Fernández

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