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4 Easy Ways to Revamp and Refresh your Blog

The blogging industry is constantly changing. With new trends arising, in both social media and the blogging community, bloggers and content creators face new challenges and opportunities to improve their work, gain new knowledge, and ultimately have fun creating new and better content.

Sometimes, your site might seem dull or uninspiring; maybe you are not getting the best out of blogging, or your engagement on social media has dropped. Don't worry! This happens to the best of us. I know that many of us have either done a refresh of our blog and social platforms or are maybe thinking about doing one.

I feel that, as we gain more experience in the industry, we are able to audit our content and determine ways we can improve on it. So, if you're looking for some ideas and inspiration, then keep on reading to learn about four easy ways you can revamp and refresh your blog.

Change up your theme

Sometimes, the initial theme we chose for our blog no longer inspires us, or it doesn't align with our brand.

I personally did a whole rebranding of my site, but I remember when I first started out, I used to spend hours changing up my theme. I would play with the colors, fonts, and style of images and graphics. Even now that I feel extremely happy with my site's theme, I do some little tweaks every now and then.

An easy way to refresh your blog is by changing up your color theme. It is important to choose colors that represent your brand and that make you happy.

Tip #1 to revamp and refresh your blog and content

Pick 2-4 colors that work well together and that align with your brand. You can research about Color Theory to determine what shades to choose.

Tip #2 to revamp and refresh your blog and content

Always consider white as the most predominant color in your designs. Using white backgrounds helps your content become clearer by removing visual clutter.

Another small change that makes a huge difference is the font selection. To me, this is the most important aspect of your blog's design. Fonts have the power to make a site look professional, appealing, and attract the audience. So, take a look at your current fonts and see where you can change things up a bit.

Tip #3 to revamp and refresh your blog and content

Choose 2-3 fonts: one for heading, one for subheading, and one for body text. Make sure they are readable, cohesive, and align with your brand.

Update old content

If you've been blogging for a few years, you will notice that some of your old posts need a little upgrading. Whether it is changing up photos and graphics, rewriting some paragraphs in your posts, and even adding new information you've learned about that particular topic, updating old content is a great way to keep your blog fresh and also offer your readers high quality content.

This change also has other benefits for your site like boosting your search engine traffic, improving your ranking on Google, and more.

Tip #4 to revamp and refresh your blog and content

It is a good practice to periodically go over your content and see if any posts, content, or pages in your site could benefit from a little refresh. I suggest you schedule one day of each month for this task.

Check your links

If you're looking for ways to optimize your SEO, rank better in Google, improve your search engine traffic, and increase your Domain Authority, then you need to audit your posts to determine if there are any broken links, and also check if you can add backlinks to those posts.

Let's start with broken links. A broken link is essentially a link that no longer works, either because the webpage is no longer online, the link has been mistyped or the URL has changed. The problem with broken links is that they greatly affect your site's authority and reputation. Your readers are very likely to not come back to your site, not complete a purchase, and generally feel displeased with their user experience. Broken links also affect your search engine rankings.

Tip #5 to revamp and refresh your blog and content

You can find many tools online to check for broken links. Depending on the type of issue, you'll need to fix or update those broken links.

Another way to refresh your blog is by creating internal links to other pages or posts in your site. When first starting your blog, it is expected that you won't have as many posts. But, as you create new content and your blog grows, you should go back to your posts and see which ones can be referenced.

Tip #6 to revamp and refresh your blog and content

Using the Related Posts feature is a great way to showcase internal links. This option adds a section at the bottom of your blog, where you can display relevant posts.

Tip #7 to revamp and refresh your blog and content

You can use descriptive keywords in anchor text in the body of your post to reference other related posts. This makes the linking more natural.

Update visual brand assets

If you want to revamp your blog, one of the best things you can do is update your visual brand assets.

Having a cohesive and consistent theme in your visual branding, which includes your blog and all social media accounts, helps to create a consistent message, be more easily recognized, and make your brand more professional.

A great way to ensure consistency is by using presets for your photos, this way they all adhere to the same theme. If you're looking for some affordable options, I created the Ma Chérie Lightroom Presets Pack with four presets optimized for desktop and mobile.

Also, when creating graphics for social media, whether it's pins, stories, quotes, blog promotion, etc. try using the same styling. Canva is a great tool that makes the design process easier. You can create a set of templates, and just update the images and text as needed.

Tip #8 to revamp and refresh your blog and content

When creating visual elements for your site, try to stick to your brand's fonts, color palette, and photography style.

If you're thinking about revamping and refreshing your blog, whether that is your theme, content, or visual assets, remember to always think about your brand's message and how you can offer value to your readers. Also, it is a good practice to constantly educate yourself by reading up on new trends, new changes in the blogging industry and new upgrades to whatever content management and creation tools you use.

Until next time.

Gabriela Fernández

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