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Post-Pandemic Life: How Can We Acclimate to a 'New Normal'?

Life is shortly starting to shape back, but the reality is that things will never be the same. How can we acclimate to a 'new normal'?

Many places all over the world are starting to experience a transition to normalcy now that lockdowns are being lifted and vaccination has become widely available.

If you take a quick look at social media, many articles and posts allude that life is slowly returning to "normal." But, is it really?

Will everyone just pick up where we left off? After all the suffering, uncertainty, chaos, and sacrifices? After all the readjustments, new routines, and changes?

I know many of us are wondering: how can we go back to the life we had before? What will life be like now? Will the annoyances and worries of pre-pandemic life matter now? Is it necessary to continue doing things as before?

I wanted to write this post as a way of setting a guideline with a few tips to help anyone who is struggling with acclimating to a new normal, post-pandemic life.

1. Take it slow

Many people will be eager to go out and try to do all those things they missed out on during lockdown and isolation.

Please, be mindful and try to transition into your new normal at a comfortable pace. You may see individuals travelling, partying, crowding the stores, and trying all sort of activities. Don't let the fear of missing out get to you.

You're the only one that truly knows your personal situation. Don't spend money carelessly. Don't overwhelm yourself emotionally or mentally. Don't engage in unhealthy habits. Bottom line is: take care of yourself.

2. Don't feel pressured

If you worked on self-improvement during the pandemic, you probably made some lifestyle changes or worked on getting to know yourself a bit more.

Maybe you connected with a new set of values to define how to live your life, or you learned what does and what doesn't deserve your energy, time, and attention.

As you slowly transition into your new normal, remember to assess and consider if the activities, people, and experiences around you are enriching your life. Don't feel pressured to go back to unhealthy habits or relationships. Don't compromise your wellbeing for the sake of others. If you need to move in a different direction, don't be afraid to.

3. Prioritize your health

If there is one big takeaway from this unprecedented event, it's how important taking care of our health is, emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Achieving holistic wellness should be our top priority now and always. If you didn't get the chance to develop new healthy habits during lockdown, don't fret about it! You can start anytime. What truly matters is that you decide and commit to the process.

If you're looking for guidance on how to refresh, reinvent, and refocus your lifestyle and mindset, be sure to check out this post with a lot of tips and suggestions.

4. Embrace the process

You might be tempted to want to do so many things. After all, most of us had to put our plans on hold. But it's important to shift your focus and try to enjoy your journey. Don't overwhelm yourself!

Being mindful about your new 'normal' will help you focus on this new reality and take things one day at a time. Each day will be different, the people you connect with will all have different experiences, and the time and manner into which we all adjust to life post-pandemic will vary greatly.

Patience, understanding, and kindness with yourself and those around you is key. This is not an easy journey, so embrace and trust the process.

Whatever you situation may be, remember to take care of yourself. Slowly, but surely, you'll be able to start building back your life and self.

Until next time.

Gabriela Fernández

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