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We are looking for creative bloggers and content creators to feature on our site.

How to become a guest blogger for Faërie Lifestyle?

Faërie Lifestyle is an online space created with the purpose of helping women feel connected, valued, empowered, and where they can freely showcase their talent by collaborating, creating, and contributing with one another.


Our purpose is to inspire, help, and make room for all females to express themselves in different lifestyle & creative fields. 

We are looking for blog posts in the following categories:


-Female Empowerment

-Blogging and Entrepreneurship

-Gender Equality

-LGBTQ+ Community

-Holistic Wellness

-Leisure and Traveling

-Book Reviews (Feminism, Gender Equality, Self Growth)

-Sustainable and Ethical Fashion

-Clean Beauty

You can choose any category and approach it how you best see fit. We want to hear your voice and uniqueness. All we ask is that the post be original (has not be published anywhere else), is written in English, contains between 1000-3000 words and that it adheres to our site's policies.

We do not accept guest posts that explicitly promote a company or service.

We do not offer any monetary compensation for guest posts and we do not charge contributors. Guest posting is a collaborative process to create valuable content for our readers. 

The post you write for us cannot be republished and repurposed on another site in its entirety or any variation of it. We do not allow duplicate content.


When including images, graphics, videos or any other visual assets, please make sure you are the owner or that you have the right to share them. In case of using CC0 photos or videos, please include the file as well as the link of the site where you downloaded them from.

Our team will be in charge of proofreading, editing and formatting the post so that it matches our site's style guide. But please use correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. Your work should be professional and easy to read. 

When submitting a post, we also ask that you include a short bio of yourself (the author). It should contain your name, a brief story about you and your blog, a headshot, and the relevant URLs: blog + social media. Don't include spam links, broken links or others that are not relevant to the post and your blog.

If you need additional information, don't hesitate to contact us

*We reserve the right to accept or decline any submission that our editor considers fits or doesn't fit Faërie Lifestyle's mission and values.

Please be respectful of the process and don't take things personally. We are trying our best to create a community of women supporting women. We believe in spreading kindness and positivity to everyone.


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We strongly suggest you create a  Zip File that includes:


-DOCX File with your written blog post.

-Photographs + Images (High quality JPEG or PNG Files)

-DOCX File with your short bio + links to your blog and social media profiles.

-Profile Picture or Headshot.

*Please label your file with your full name and blog post title.