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Faërie Lifestyle is a lifestyle blog created with the purpose of empowering and encouraging women to embrace creativity, conquer their dreams, build a community and find inspiration in everyday life.


We create feminine designs to inspire women and help them get organized, achieve their goals, be productive, and live more intentionally.

Daily Routine and Habits Tracker

Daily Routines and Habits Tracker.png

A digital daily routine and habits planner printable page. 

Monthly Planner

Monthly Planner.png

A digital monthly planner printable page. 

Digital Notebook

Digital Notebook.png

A six tab digital notebook with lined, grid, dotted, and blank paper templates.

90 Day Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal.png

A digital 90 Day Gratitude Journal with a different prompt for each day.

Workout Tracker

Workout Tracker.png

A digital workout tracker printable page.

Daily Planner

Daily Planner.png

A digital daily planner printable page.

Personal Finance Planner

Personal Finance Planner.png

A digital personal finance planner.

Ma Chérie Lightroom Presets Pack

Ma Chérie Lightroom Presets.png

A set of 4 gorgeous, feminine presets to enhance your photographs.

Weekly Planner

Weekly Planner.png

A digital weekly planner printable page.

Daily Tasks

Daily Tasks.png

A digital daily tasks planner printable page.

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