Scary Halloween Pranks to Try This Year

Happy Saturday! Welcome to a new Blogtober post. Today I'm continuing Halloween Week and sharing a post that is all about scary pranks you can try this year to frighten your friends and family.

I'm a huge lover of pranks and I like playing pranks on people. I do believe pranks should be fun and humorous and not something gory or traumatic. It's something meant to be entertaining and that will be laughed at when it's over. So keep this in mind when planning your Halloween pranks.

Today I wanted to share some ideas of harmless, fun pranks I found online and that I'm sure will scare your friends but not traumatize them. Keep in mind that if the person you plan to prank doesn't react well or hates pranks, it's better for you to not do this. Some people suffer from anxiety or traumas and get easily startled, so always make sure all parties are okay with it.

Now, let's take a look at some harmless but scary Halloween pranks to try this year.

1- Fake spider

Who doesn't despise spiders? Almost every human being in this planet is creep out by this hairy eight legged creatures. This prank is very simple to do but very effective in scaring your friends. All you need are some fake spiders and something to stick them with or hang them depending where you plan to put them.

You can stick one in the toilet room, the light switches, the kitchen pantry and even on the bed. Put it in places you know people go to either do or find something and when they see the creepy, hairy spiders it's very likely they'll get scared.

This prank also works well with fake roaches, fake snakes, fake rats, etc. Any animal or bug that looks realistic. will surely scare the living out of people.

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2- Message from a creepy doll

If you've seen the movie Annabelle, then you probably know how scary dolls can be. To pull this prank you'll need an old doll, a piece of paper and a crayon. Write some creepy scary messages in the pieces of paper an tear them. Place them in places where your friends and family can find them. Sneak on them and place the "haunted" doll nearby with the crayon in it's hand.

When your friends read the messages and turn around to see who put them there, they will be scared to see the haunted doll holding the crayon. You can even take this prank further and pretend like you've been having creepy experiences as well, ever since you came across the doll. Get creative. Just make sure you don't get a real haunted doll.

3- Scary peeper

This is a very popular prank to do and an easy one too. All you need is a scary peeper prop or you can print a scary face from the internet. Take your "peeper" and stick it to a window from the outside glass. Then either go outside, hide and knock on the window to lure your friend to go take a look or tell someone to check if the "delivery guy" or someone you're expecting is outside. When they move the curtain to look outside and see the peeper, they'll jump back completely frightened.

4- Haunted mirror

This prank will surely spook out your friends and probably keep them from checking themselves out in the mirror for days to come. The pranks is super simple. All you need is a ghost image, a picture frame and a can of Krylon Looking Glass Spray Paint. Follow the tutorial over on Bust to make your own haunted mirror.

For this prank to work, you need to be strategic as to where you place the "haunted mirror". You want to make sure your friend is alone in the room and that the rest of the house is dark and silent. You want to create attention to the area where you hang the mirror and just let your friend get scared.

5- Giant teddy bear

I saw this prank scrolling through Instagram and thought it was hilarious. Buy a giant teddy bear costume or stuffed animal. You want a life-size bear. If you bought a stuffed animal, remove all the stuffing and make an opening on the back so you can get in it. Lay down, motionless, and when someone walks past the bear, give them a good scare by jumping on them.

6- Ghost of Little Girl Singing

This last prank is my favourite of all. It is simple yet scary. Connect your phone to a Bluetooth speaker. Find some scary singing children sound recordings on YouTube. Wait for everyone in your house to go to sleep. Then start playing the scary recording. Start with low volume and build it up every time until the person wakes up scared as hell. Pretend you don't hear anything and stay in your room. Eventually the person won't be able to go back to sleep and come looking for help. Try not to blow the prank by laughing. Keep your cool and pretend that there might be a ghost. Let's see how far you can scare your family.

I hope you liked this post. Let me know in the comments down below if you end up trying any of the pranks on Halloween. Remember to keep the pranks fun and harmless and don't go overboard with them. Like and share this post if you enjoyed it. Thank you so much for reading.

Until next time.

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The farther we've gotten from the magic and mystery of our past, the more we've come to need Halloween. Paula Curan

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