Remaining Grateful and Mindful at the Same Time

First, I would like to begin by saying that I am honored to share this guest blog post with each of you. Thank you so much Estée for having me as a guest writer for your blog.

Let’s start out with this question: why is gratitude important not only during Thanksgiving? Perhaps, you are like me, you understand that everyday there is something you can appreciate and be thankful for. Yes, there are those trying moments that can lead to ungratefulness and complaining, but it is vital to learn to be mindful in these everyday moments. Let’s take a moment to discuss, “Remaining Grateful and Mindful at the Same Time.”

I must admit, it can be difficult to remain grateful when you have needs, when you are in pain, or when you do not know where you will be living next month, just to name a few things. I am not trying to be drastic, but honest. Everyone is fighting different battles, and being told to be grateful can be trying. On the other hand, when you begin to acknowledge the things you are grateful for, it impacts you tremendously.

It is when we remain mindful to what we already have and how far we have already come, that we can pause and recognize, this difficult moment will pass too. It is not fairytale thoughts, rather it is the ability to breath while acknowledging these trying moments come in life, but they do not have to last forever.

At times, it can be very difficult when trying moments hit back-to-back. These relentless challenges can lead to great discouragement. However, we decide if we will push through them. We can adjust the circumstances and see what things we must continue in that would work out for our good.

Mindfulness will lead us to pay attention to real time. It also brings encouragement to acceptance while moving forward. It is vital that we take moments everyday and just, “Thank God.” He is the one giving us breath and another day to live. He also is faithful to provide for our needs. Do not only consider what you have achieved, rather make sure you remember God has been with you through it all. I have seen the difference this makes.

Mindfulness will lead us to pay attention to real time. It also brings encouragement to acceptance while moving forward.

I can remember more than one time when I had to do the very things I am sharing with you. It is trying when you feel others have let you down. It is difficult when you have needs and are not sure how they will be met. It is trying when your health is not good and you still must go on.

I have not only lived through these very trying times, just to name a few, but I had to understand that only by the grace of God was I making it through each day. You see, while living in those unforeseen moments, I recognized that I was still breathing, I had the food that I needed for the day, and I could honestly feel God’s comfort even while feeling alone.

I remember when my husband was unemployed and needing food, others who did not know at all, would either call me up or just come over with a cooked meal. These mindful moments have helped me to endure in other various difficulties. I also, remember being in physical pain and asking God to please help me. Although, I may have had to endure this pain, I also recognized when God answered me through a variety of ways. I had to make the steps necessary to get the medical help needed and incorporate changes in my diet along with meds and even surgery.

These are just a few examples of learning to be grateful and mindful daily. When I acknowledged each moment was a passing moment, it led me to understand, “this too shall pass.”

I think it is important to learn to accept these trying times that you cannot change. I also believe we should not blame anyone or anything for the changes we ourselves can make.

Make sure you are making the most of every moment you have been given.

Something I believe is very important is that we understand that we will not get this moment again, so make sure you are making the most of every moment you have been given. To me that is living in a mindful state. It is the understanding that I need to appreciate the moment I am in, while I am making strides to move forward.

Remaining Grateful and Mindful at the Same Time includes:

  1. Acknowledge each moment is a passing moment.

  2. Make the most of every moment you have been given daily.

  3. Decide to push through the difficult moments.

  4. Adjust to the circumstances while moving forward.

  5. Remain grateful in every circumstance.

Overall, we each will be impacted by life in a variety of ways. Whether it is in difficult moments or incredible breakthrough moments, these times will affect us.

When we choose to find something to be grateful for each day, we will gain a sense of appreciation for what we already have. Allowing ourselves to make changes along the way is healthy. It is important to recognize sometimes the people you may have in your life right now, may be a lesson. You also may meet people that will change your life for good. The important part is that you do not look to people but rather understand every moment can generally be life changing, so stay mindful and grateful every day.

Remaining grateful and mindful at the same time includes:

I would love to hear what has impacted your life, whether good or bad. Have you maintained a grateful attitude or has these moments impacted you in such a way that you are fighting bitterness and trust issues? Do you believe that your ability to remain mindful in your everyday life has challenged you or encouraged you? Do you want to become more mindful and grateful in your everyday moments? I believe sharing your stories will bring encouragement to others. Share your story.

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Over time, I have come to realize that we must take pauses or we are just experiencing life passing us by quickly! Everyday there are several moments we can perhaps all talk about and be an encouragement to someone else with.

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