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Productive Things to do During a Rainy Day

October, the month of pumpkin spice, spooky times and rainy days. I have to confess that I am one of those weird human beings that actually loves and enjoys the rain. The technical term is pluviophile, according to Google.

Pluviophile - (n) a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days.

But I know many people dread the rain, in part because it means you are house-bound and can't go out and about running errands or going places without the hassle of getting wet and risk getting a cold. Others hate the idea of having to carry an umbrella or wearing rubber boots and those crazy and puffy windbreakers.

So, today I wanted to help you see life through my rose-coloured but rainy glasses. I'm going to share some ideas of how you can transform a rainy day into a more productive one and get a lot of things accomplished without having to leave the comfort of your house.

Productive Things to do During a Rainy Day

1. Plan your next vacation

Being busy all the time with work and life could mean that you haven't dedicated any of your time to planning your next vacation. So what better opportunity than on a rainy day, when you're stuck at home. Get out your laptop, pen and paper, and start researching and planning where you'd like your next getaway destination to be.

2. Catch up on your reading list

We all have books that are just sitting there on the shelf, gathering dust. Well this is the perfect moment to get them out of hibernation and put them to good use. Dust them off, make yourself a cup of tea and head to your favourite reading chair.

3. Organize your planner

You might have a planning system that is getting a bit out of control. Go over all your lists, calendar, events and notes. Write them out clearly and neatly and toss out any old bits that you no longer need. Make sure to update your agenda and start planning for the upcoming weeks or months.

4. Clean your inbox

How many unread emails do you currently have? How many of those are actually useful or from important senders? You need to do an email declutter right now! Unsubscribe from annoying newsletters, empty out your spam folder and delete contacts that are outdated. Also, use this time to reply to urgent messages that you might have been ignoring.

5. Cleanse your social media

This might seem like a trap but you have to resist the urge to scroll mindlessly through social media. Open up your app and go straight to your profile and click the Following section. Now go over the people you're following and ask yourself if they are adding value to your life. If there are profiles you no longer care for, or celebrities that don't add any value to you, then unfollow them. Any type of content that seems pointless, or gives you negative or toxic vibes needs to be gone from your feed for good.

6. Tidy up your living space

I know you'd rather be in bed watching Netflix than to spend a cosy rainy day cleaning. But you keep saying that you're busy throughout the week, so no more excuses. You have the time now. Even if it's just a 15 minute speed clean around your house or in a specific room, do it. You'll feel so much better after knowing that your space is clean and organized.

7. Prep your meals

Trust me when I say this is the single activity that is going to make the most difference in your life. Meal prepping has been a game changer for me. You only need to spend a little time of your day cooking, and the outcome is incredible. Imagine having a batch of healthy and delicious meals, ready to go on your fridge. This is going to help you eat a more balance and nutritious diet and save you so much time and effort during the week.

8. Schedule any future appointments

Stop procrastinating, Sorry to be so blunt. But you need to schedule that dentist appointment you've been avoiding. Maybe you haven't had a medical checkup in years or you haven't taken your car in for maintenance. You know what I'm going to say: do it now!

9. Journal

You might be adjusting your eyes right now and wondering if it says journal. Yes, I'm encouraging you to take out a notebook and a pen and sit down on a quiet spot, to write whatever comes to mind. It might not seem productive at first, but I guarantee letting out your feelings and worries does wonders for your mental state.

I'm a believer in the practice of journaling and I use it as a method to cope with my depression and anxiety. There is something so therapeutic about seeing your thoughts turn into words. You get a better understanding of the situation and it helps you think clearly.

10. Recharge

Who says sleeping is not a productive activity? Let go of the guilt and get into bed. Catching up on those lost hours of sleep is going to refresh and recharge you for the coming week. You are less likely to be productive and happy throughout the day when you're sleep deprived. So use this rainy day to have a long nap and recharge.

There you go, some easy tips and ideas on how you can turn a rainy day into a productive one, without having to leave your home. Let me know in the comments below, if you love it when it rains and what are some of your favourite things to do.

I hope you liked this post. Thank you so much for reading.

Until next time.

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