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Places Around the World: Hidden Gems in the Heart of Lisbon

They say that if you dream something long enough, it will eventually come true. So, a few of my blogger friends and I decided to partake in an amazing collaboration to share about the wonderful places we love, so that hopefully, once the pandemic has been eradicated and it's safe to hop on a plane, we all get to travel and experience new adventures around the globe.

I've included the links to their posts at the end, so you can read them and discover more places.

This post is a hopeful wish that soon we will all be able to have an ounce of normalcy and get the chance to enjoy the simple pleasures in life, once the world opens up again (when everyone has been vaccinated and the virus has been taken care of.)

Most of us have been cooped up in our houses, doing what is right to stop the spread of this virus and also to take care of ourselves and loved ones. During this time alone, I took it upon myself to reflect and make plans to live a more simple, happy life and be passionate and determined to follow my dreams.

One of my biggest goals, that I want to fulfill after this pandemic, is to travel to new places and also to rediscover my favourite spots that I haven't been to in so long.

I know this is a shared dream by so many of us, so if you're looking for inspiration on places to add to your future travel bucket list, then let me invite you to the beautiful and magical Lisbon.

Lisbon is one of the most amazing cities you'll ever visit. Everywhere you go, there is something beautifully breathtaking to look at, whether it is nature, architecture, parks, street art...and there is always something exciting to do. The city has a little bit of everything for everyone.

I wanted to take you to some of the little hidden gems that most first-time visitors often miss when visiting to Lisbon. I've tried to include a mix of places that represent the city's history and character by offering a glimpse to the magnificent Portuguese culture.

Cortiço & Netos  Portuguese history through small mosaics

Azulejos are everywhere in Portugal and have become deeply embedded in its history and culture. Cortiço & Netos is a family run business that sells vintage Portuguese tiles that were manufactured by historical factories that are no longer in business.

Azulejos are artistic pieces that are part of our heritage and culture. If you do decide to visit Cortiço & Netos, I promise you will learn to admire the craft and art of Portuguese tiles.

Livraria Bertrand A literary and cultural landmark in the center of Lisbon

Bibliophiles from all around, I invite you to come to Lisbon to witness a piece of history. For nearly three centuries, this bookstore has served as a space for intellectual and cultural conversations and has become Lisbon's biggest literary landmark.

The original store was opened in 1732 but the building was destroyed during an earthquake in 1755. Even though the bookstore was moved to the Chiado neighborhood, the premises still remain the oldest in the world.

If you want to take a piece of history with you, visiting the world's oldest bookstore is the perfect stop to add to your travel itinerary.

The Chiado Neighborhood A delightful glimpse into Lisbon's heritage and history

If you're planning on experiencing the best of the city, then you must walk around Chiado: one of the historic landmarks in Lisbon.

This beautiful part in the center of Lisbon features architectural masterpieces, some of the best cafés, and artistic landmarks like museums, theaters, churches, and bookstores.

Chiado offers a delightful glimpse into our heritage and history. You will be immersed by the city's culture, art, gastronomy, commerce and history. I am sure that once you come to Chiado, you will not want to leave.

I hope you enjoyed this "tour" around some of the most incredible places in Lisbon. If you do decide to visit, once it is safe in the world to do so, I wish you the most incredible experience.

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Thank you so much for coming along.

Until next time.

Faërie Lifestyle

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