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Moving Forward: Lessons Learned in 2020

Amidst all the chaos, uncertainty and confusion from the past year, I feel like the most positive takeaway from everything that happened is that there was some sort of personal growth.

I believe that tough situations often bring out our strengths and even in all the hurt, there is something positive that happens.

2020 was a testy and challenging year for so many of us. Living through these unprecedented times was probably the biggest life lesson, and I feel like I went through an emotional, mental and personal transformation.

I wanted to sit down and reflect on the changes I experienced in 2020, and I also wanted to write down some of the lessons I learned and how I plan to continue moving forward on my journey.

Lessons Learned in 2020

4 Valuable Life Lessons I Learned

1. Cultivating a gratitude mindset is a game-changer.

If I had to choose the biggest takeaway from this past year, it will for sure be cultivating a gratitude mindset. Being grateful for what I have now, means that I recognize and acknowledge how fortunate and blessed I am. This has really helped transform my life and fill it with joy, positivity, and motivation.

I designed a 90 Day Gratitude Journal to help me develop a consistent gratitude practice. To make it easier, I included a different prompt for each day, as well as a daily inspirational message. This has been so transformative for my mental and emotional health. I highly recommend you give this habit a try.

2. My mental wellbeing is and should always be my top priority.

This past year was not good for my mental health. I know I am not the only one who had quite a few breakdowns. Every day was a constant storm of anxiety, nervousness and feeling hopeless.

I am glad I made it into 2021. I honestly felt like I was at my lowest during 2020 and I realized that no matter what I do, if my mental wellbeing is out of balance, everything else doesn't matter. I need to listen to my emotions and process what is going on inside my mind.

3. Stop being so hard on myself and learn to celebrate small wins.

I am so used to ignoring how much progress I have done to achieve my life's goals and dreams. I tend to brush off my accomplishments, and more often than not take them for granted.

But this year taught me that I should feel proud of myself. That I have done extraordinary things in my life and that I have to celebrate my achievements. I need to stop second-guessing my worth and value.

4. Focus my emotional energy into things that bring me joy.

I cannot even count how many times I've let little nuisances ruin my day or control my mood. A small unimportant event can hold so much power over my day if I let it. But I can choose not to let this happen. I can pick my battles and shift my focus from negative reactions into a positive mindset.

Some things won't matter in the long run, but if I let myself get stressed over them, I am only affecting my health and wellbeing.

Lessons I'm Bringing into 2021

I think that even though it is important to sit down and reflect on the past, the biggest step, and the one that matters most, is the ability to move forward and use those lessons learned to bring change into your life.

Even the smallest actions and habits can make a big difference.

Moving forward, I want to be able to show myself more love and acceptance. I feel like this past year, I was so focused on surviving and making it through. This led me to neglect my emotional and mental wellbeing.

I want to work on listening closely to how I'm feeling. I need to recognize when I have to take some time off and rest. No more pushing myself to the brick of exhaustion by working all day. I have to learn and accept that it is okay to take breaks.

Another change I want to implement in my life is having a more positive image about myself. I am always second-guessing what I do, and my self-doubt gets in the way of celebrating my accomplishments. In a way, being a perfectionist has made me numb to the fact that I have achieved some incredible milestones and goals. So, no more taking my success for granted. It is time to start acknowledging my achievements!

I hope this post inspires you to take some time to sit down and reflect on the unprecedented year we faced. I know each one of us has experienced different levels of pain, growth and lessons learned. But I wish that we can all have a more positive and joyful life, moving forward.

Thank you so much for reading this post.

In the comments below, share what were some lessons you learned in 2020. Let's inspire and uplift each other.

Until next time.

Faërie Lifestyle

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