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Dear Sisters: Our Voices Won't Be Silenced Anymore

Dear Sisters: Our Voices Won't Be Silenced Anymore

Today's post is not my usual happy, positive entry. This was inspired by the horrible decision made today in the US Senate to confirm Brett Kavanaugh as a judge to the Supreme Court and of all the hurtful things the GOP and white males in power keep doing and telling to women.

I felt the need to share my point of view because I'm boiling mad, I'm disappointed, but most of all I'm tired of how men dismiss women's rights, their value and emotions. It's so incomprehensible to me how the world of this wealthy, powerful and entitled white men works. They thinks it's their birth right to have everything they want and god forbid someone gets in their way. They behave with such belligerence, hatred and intransigence towards women and use religion and money as a way to justify the horrors and inhumane actions that they do everyday. All they care about is presenting a persona of a tough, respected, smart and successful male, but deep inside they are full of evil, perversion and a stench of racism, misogyny and rape culture.

Brett Kavanaugh, Donald J. Trump, Roy Moore and so many others have raped and/or sexually assaulted many women over the course of their lives. How the hell are these men not in jail? How did that orange buffoon become the president of the United States? How can a sick, creep like Kavanaugh have a sit in the SCOTUS? His behaviour showed how biased, untruthful and ignorant he is. The man couldn't even control his emotions when he was questioned at the hearing and started blabbering about conspiracy theories with no facts whatsoever. I mean, isn't a judge supposed to be neutral, unbiased and look at the facts? But that's not a requirement if you're a white, wealthy, privileged man. Rules don't apply to these croons. They get away with anything. Just look at the sham of an investigation the FBI conducted on Kavanaugh. They looked for nothing, and didn't even question the key witness. And GOP senators ate that lie up like the ignorant, indifferent, sell-outs they are.

But this culture is not only seen in politics. Men in so many industries behave like this every single day and not one of them is held accountable. It takes a woman to lose everything she has to come forward, and more likely than not she is going to be ridiculed, mocked and her credibility questioned. She'll be called crazy, attention-seeker, liar, emotionally unstable and weak. And 9 out of 10 times justice will fail her and the men will get away with the gross things they do.

It seems to me that in the social circles of the white wealthy privileged men, aggressive sexual behavior towards women is seen as a sign of manhood. An individual male is not in with these men if he hasn't committed some sort of perverse, gross, sick act. And the saddest thing of all is that this is seen as a normal behaviour. Not one of this men ever questions that what they're doing is wrong.

There seems to be deep loathing of women coming from the white men in power, as well. They somehow think women are less intelligent, less qualified, less capable and less deserving to be in positions of importance. Take for example the Republican Senate Judiciary Committee with 11 all-white males. When asked about this lack of diversity, Committee Chairman, Chuck Grassley said “it’s a lot of work - maybe they don’t want to do it”, referring to women. The Senate Judiciary Committee was established on December 10, 1816 and in the nearly 202 years since, Republicans haven’t had a single woman sit on the panel. An even worse example of this loath coming from this type of men is how quick people like Lindsay Graham, Chuck Grassley, Donald Trump and even Kavanaugh dismissed Dr. Ford's words. They questioned her sanity, her memory, her value, and even mocked her testimony.

And this toxic, wrongful behaviour wasn't exclusive to the SCOTUS hearing. The president of the United States has made horrible remarks about females like Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, and he is continually interrupting, dismissing and insulting female reporters. If you watch his press conferences, pay attention to the way he acts when a woman asks a question. He raises his voice and says excuse me... He's not apologizing, he's telling her to shut up and let him talk because he is more deserving of attention. He doesn't know how to respect women's time to speak, always talking over them and never letting them finish a sentence.

And I won't even get started on how powerful men in media and entertainment treat women. I'm sure you're familiar with the stories. The bottom line is that putting women down and keeping them silent, when they threaten or challenge male dominance, is how these men maintain their status and power.

I've heard a lot of men, especially conservative Christians, quote the Bible as a mean to justify their sexism and misogyny. Like, somehow a divine power grants them a sense of privilege and male entitlement. But these men will never hold themselves accountable and will try to silence and discredit anyone who does. In their limited minds, they were born being superior to women, physically, intellectually, and emotionally. Women, to a great majority of them, are a property created to serve them, to obey them, and never question their authority.

I know this isn't something new. Misogyny has been instilled in our society for centuries. Religion has brainwashed people into thinking men are the superior sex and women are only good for giving birth, doing household chores, and keeping the man happy.

This is not a man-bashing piece or me complaining about life being unfair. I know that not all men are like that. There are good men in the world that value women and treat them as equals. And yes, women have come far and they continue to break the glass ceiling every day. But there's still a lot of work to be done, and a major cultural and intellectual change is needed in order to change this sexist and misogynistic mentality. But unfortunately, white male privilege is part of our reality and this loathsome ghouls continue to hold the highest positions of power in the word. They are the ones that get to decide the laws that govern women's rights and freedoms. And with men like Kavanaugh, Trump, McConnell, Sessions, Grassley and all the vultures from the Republican party, there's a high probability that there's going to be a cultural and political setback that will trash all the progress made in terms of female rights, empowerment and liberty.

I want to end this by sharing a very disturbing question that came to my mind a few months ago. I was watching a TV show called Handmaid's Tale and after finishing Season 1, I really had to ask myself: how likely it is for Handmaid's to become a reality? And some of you might think that I'm overreacting and that it might seem like society will never get to that point, but with the recent events in this past years, I think that horrible scenario is becoming more and more plausible.

That is why women need to stand together and support each other. We need to stop feeding the idea that women need to compete with each other and be nemesis. What we need is to unite and come together as one. Our strength will come from unity and only then will we stand a chance to kick down the white male privilege, sexist, misogynistic wall. Powerful men are willing to make excuses and defend, their own abusive behaviour and that of their fellow males. If this creeps are more than willing to stick together and support their toxic and sick behaviour why aren't women opening their eyes and working together to break the injustice and abuse of power perpetrated by men?

Women are valuable, they are capable, their emotions matter and they are allowed to feel, think and act without being judged by men, without needing to have male approval or permission. A woman's value shouldn't be tied to the desires and sense of dominance of men. It make take centuries but it's imperative that we demand change and act upon it now.

"There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish."

Michelle Obama

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