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Life Update: Telling the Truth

Today I'm sharing with you a very much needed life update. Let's start with the most important thing: I'm sorry for being away from the blog for such a long time. The last post I published was on January 23rd, which is almost two months of no new content. I know I disappointed so many and in a way it may have left like I abandoned this blog but my absence was not because I don't enjoy sharing and connecting with you guys.

Now, the truth. Why did I take such a long absence?


First, during December I got really sick and it took almost two months for me to start feeling better. By mid February I was doing okay but that long sickness took a big toll on my work life.

I've been dealing with a lot of health issues, and suffering from Hashimoto's doesn't make things easy. I am on a constant state of exhaustion and pain but most significantly it affects my mood and mental health strongly.

On February 7th, I started a new treatment for depression and I was given two different medications for hypothyroidism. Going to the doctor is really expensive and traumatic for me. Nothing good ever comes from going to the doctor and I always feel worn down and disconnected afterwards.

My body was trying to adapt to the new medications and most days I felt really defeated and tired. I slept until late and by six o'clock I had a terrible headache and I needed to rest up. I couldn't stand sitting in front of a screen and what's worse, I couldn't find any inspiration to create something.

All of this kept me away from my blog, social media and it also delayed the launch of my businesses. Which made me feel like a failure and useless. And this pattern of thinking was a dangerous cycle for my mental state.


Then came March and I decided that I couldn't just let the days go by and not do something for my life. I needed to get a grip on things. I used the motivation of a new month to check in with myself and start planning a way to gain control of my life and help me feel energized and revitalized. This were some little changes and things I've started doing, which have been a tremendous help.

♥ I got myself a notebook and started bullet journaling

A little disclaimer: I am not that great at drawing and I have no idea how to do brush lettering. But that's okay. I love writing in my journal and creating different spreads to stay organized and inspired. In a way, this has been therapeutical for me and those hours I dedicate to it are so relaxing.

♥ I started a new workout program

On March 3rd I decided to start exercising again but I knew I needed a program so I could have structure and stay committed. I've been doing Transform:20 which is a new program created by Shaun T. So far, I'm loving the moves, the length of each video and what I love the most is that every day there's a new video. This program doesn't repeat the workouts weekly which for me is a big plus, since I tend to get bored easily if I'm doing the same thing over and over again.

♥ I've incorporated celery juice into my lifestyle

Every morning after my workout I drink a glass of this delicious and amazing juice. It has helped me greatly in terms of giving me more energy throughout the day. It has helped me eat healthier, has cleared out some of my acne and has strengthen my immune system. I've only being doing it for 3 weeks and I can already see the benefits. I hopeful that as time goes by I will receive more amazing benefits from it.

I stopped eating bread

Cutting out bread was a bit hard for me. I'm not saying bread is unhealthy. But the reason I stopped eating it was because I was using it as an excuse to be lazy. Instead of cooking myself a healthy meal I would grab some slices of bread and make a sandwich and call it a day. Now, a sandwich a day is fine but add three to four every day and that's like 6-8 slices a day which is not good, especially for someone like me who suffers from Hashimoto's. And this has helped me tremendously. I've lost fat especially around my thighs and belly, I don't feel stuffed at night and I'm cooking and preparing healthy meals every day.

♥ I gave my Instagram a makeover

I archived all my old posts and with a clean slate started a new theme for my feed. I wasn't feeling very inspired my posts, so I decided to change things. I really want to grow my following and engagement on Instagram so I wanted to do things differently.

I know this was kind of a long post but I wanted to share what these past two months have been like. I'm feeling more like myself and more happier and inspired. I want to take responsibility and make my dreams come true. I love my blog and I want to create beautiful and inspiring content for myself and for you guys.

Once again, thank you so much for your support and understanding. Stay tuned for new series coming to the blog and some little surprises I have planned. Thank you so much for reading.

Until next time.

Faërie Lifestyle

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