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Lessons Learned: A Journey to Rediscovering Myself

It has been a long time of absence and silence on both my lifestyle blog and social media accounts. The simple truth is that life has been chaotic. Mentally and physically, I haven't been in the best space to create content. But slowly, I have been working on getting myself back to a place where I am comfortable and have direction.

This time off has been life-changing and there are so many things I have learned about why I am here, what I want to achieve and what are the things that bring me peace, passion, and happiness.

I love creating content but felt somewhat discouraged because my platform wasn't growing. I got tired of being part of the cycle of joining threads, chats, groups, and accounts trying to promote my content, and have other bloggers follow me or like my posts.

In my mind, I felt like a fraud and like I wasn’t enough. I kept thinking that my site wasn't beautiful, that my writing wasn't good or that my images were not attractive. I would put in days of work and somehow wasn't getting anything back.

Lessons Learned: A Journey to Rediscovering Myself |  Faërie Lifestyle

I have always carried myself with integrity and have always done things with honesty, respect, and love. I know there are bloggers that are kind, genuine and hardworking. They go out of their way to help others, and they put in the hours creating the best content and growing their platforms.

But there is a part of the blogging community that doesn't behave this way. This are usually the ones that reach a level of growth suspiciously fast. They get brand deals, massive numbers of likes, followers, shares, and comments on their platforms and are constantly on the spotlight surrounded by drama, negativity, and deceit.

But I feel there are content creators that deserve so much more. It is easy to know when a blogger or YouTuber truly cares about their audience. There is a sense of connection, understanding, and a bond of friendship. Following this type of creators has been so inspiring to me, especially during this time when the world has changed so much.

Lessons Learned: A Journey to Rediscovering Myself |  Faërie Lifestyle

One of the biggest lessons I have learned during my time off is to only follow and engage with people that truly inspire me. I stopped the follow-for-follow, comment-for-comment or like-for-like rule implied in many threads on Twitter and Instagram. In a way, I decided to stop forcing others to like my content and stop forcing myself to like others'.

I learned that numbers don't really matter. It used to bother me not getting any blogger in these threads to genuinely engage with my content. I realized most are part of them just to reach a certain number and honestly that is not what my intention is. I want to find people that inspire my life. I want to be part of a community, build friendships, and surround myself with people that sincerely support and cheer on one another.

The moment I decided to stop forcing things, I felt lighter and my mind became clear. I know it might sound cliché, but the true value of my platform as a content creator and digital entrepreneur is to make connections, help my readers feel supported and part of a community and also inspire, empower and encourage them. Somehow, I was getting sidetracked and that's why it became so hard to create content. Coming to terms with the idea that my success is not based on numbers and statistics, but rather on feeling proud of the content I put out and hopefully inspire others has given me a fresh mindset.

Quote by Cara Alwill Leyba

This might be something that other bloggers don't experience or maybe they have. I am only talking about my personal journey and I want to be an open book and share what I was going through. If you are a content creator, I want you to know that we all go through ups and downs. There will be periods of complete inspiration and motivation but there will also be days when things get harder. Don't feel discouraged. Know that you can recommit and start over. Just remember why you truly decided to take this path and stop trying to fit in a mold. We all have our own voice, style, and message to share. It will be such a shame that we dim our light just to fit in with what is expected or what others are doing.

Don't base your success on someone else's perception. Get in touch with your values, mission and dreams and let them be the force that guide you. Trust me, you will feel much happier in your journey.

Thank you so much for reading this post. It truly means a lot to know that you value and appreciate the content I create. You're the reason and motivation to keep pushing forward.

Until next time.

Faërie Lifestyle

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