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International Women's Day

International Women's Day

To all my gorgeous, talented and unstoppable women in the world:

We are beautiful, strong, independent, worthy, amazing and capable of greatness. We are on the verge of favourable, significant change. Last year’s events lead to a movement in which we decided that together we are unbeatable, that we’ll hold each other’s hand and encourage our dreams, work conjointly as sisters and not as rivals, look at each other’s eyes and see us as equals and support and respect one another.

May this wonderful International Women’s Day remind us that we must stand by each other and fight for our rights and the rights of those in parts of the world were women are still oppressed, unvalued and ignored.

Let’s use our voice and privilege to ensure that our generation and future generations of girls and women all around have access to better opportunities in life, work, education, health, politics, culture and entrepreneurship.

Together is the only way we’ll achieve gender parity. The road is long, but we can’t be complacent. Let’s get involved, let’s unite and be tenacious.

A good way to start is to support movements like #MeToo, #TimesUp and #PressforProgress.

But don’t feel bad if social activism is not appealing to you or for some reason you’re not able to get involved in this causes. You can always contribute to the movement right where you are. Start by loving and accepting yourself. Let the world now how important you are by freely giving your opinion and fighting for your goals and dreams. Never accept people who are disrespectful towards you and never tolerate abuse in any form. Speak up for yourself. Remember that the most important person in your life is you.

And finally, treat others with kindness and respect.

International Women's Day

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