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UPDATE (February, 28th, 2020): A message from Ali Hemsley

I’m popping into your emails today with some important (albeit a little sad!) news. Due to changes in my personal circumstances, I cannot give The Chronic Wellness Club the time and energy it needs right now – and so this will have been the last month of content. This means that no payments will be taken for March, and your payment for February is your last one. The site will remain active with all the content until the beginning of April for you to enjoy and reflect upon - and I will be sharing a podcast with my own experiences next week for you all also. It’s been so wonderful to watch and support you all on your journeys and I don’t want this community to end so I will be opening the doors to a new Facebook group in the next week. This group will be a completely free way to connect with others, share ideas, ask questions and stay in touch. Thank you for your support and I hope to see you all, starting conversations and helping others, on Facebook soon!
Ali x

Hello, my lovely Faëries. Today, I'm ecstatic to bring back the Features section to the blog and even more excited to be sharing about the incredible and inspiring Ali Hemsley, her life journey, and her latest project: The Chronic Wellness Club.

Ali's journey resonates with so many of us. When I read her story and the struggles she faced, I completely felt connected. So many of the difficulties and experiences she went through were similar to what I've been dealing with during the past seven years.

Ali Hemsley: A Chronic Illness Warrior

Meet Ali Hemsley | Feature Faërie Lifestyle

Ali Hemsley is a British blogger, entrepreneur, chronic illness warrior, and wellness advocate. After dealing with many ailments and illness, she was diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and Fibromyalgia. This diagnosis, not only affected her physically, but it also had an impact on her mental and emotional health, as well as other areas of her life.

She had to make sacrifices in her academic, professional and personal life in order to manage living with chronic illnesses. With the love and support from her family, she was able to find a light amid all the chaos: her love for fitness.

This led to her "discovering the art of ‘pacing’ and using it effectively to minimise her symptoms. As her love for fitness grew, she started sharing her journey on Instagram - and slowly started opening up more about her health, which led to genuine online friendships and a real sense of community."

Resilience & Compassion

Ali's own experience dealing with chronic illness has been a struggle, but instead of letting it control her life, she decided to learn how to improve her wellbeing.

In an effort to share her knowledge and experience with others that might be going through a similar situation, she launched The Chronic Wellness Club: a membership site that provides monthly Wellbeing Bundles full of helpful and inspiring resources, printable downloads, videos, podcasts, written posts, live streams and private Facebook group.

The Chronic Wellness Club

What You Can Expect

Every month a new wellness bundle is released, focused on a particular topic. Each bundle is comprised of short term tasks and goals to help you improve your wellbeing in a way that's sustainable.

The Chronic Wellness Club

There is an array of resources available in each bundle:

-Printable downloads with information about each month's topic, and additional resources such as planners, trackers and guides.

-Podcast episodes and interviews featuring inspiring guests that share their stories and advice.

-A monthly Q & A session.

-Access to the private Facebook Group to connect with others.

Price and Payment Methods

There are two membership options - a monthly membership of £12 per month, and a yearly membership of £125 per year. You can pay via direct debit using PayPal or your card details via Stripe. For more information email hello@thechronicwellnessclub.com.

My Experience with TCWC

I was lucky enough to gain access to The Chronic Wellness Club before it launched. (Thank you so much Ali for gifting me a 3-month membership) I've been using it since December, so I've had plenty of time to test everything out and give an honest opinion about it.

The first bundle was launched on December 2019. The topic was Managing the Holidays. I loved this month the most, because I learned and applied a new concept to my life: pacing.

The resources were beautifully designed and more importantly, filled with useful content that can be applied to your everyday routine. That is one of my favourite things about The Chronic Wellness Club-being able to use this new information by applying it in different areas of my day to day life.

For the month of January, the topic was centred around Manifestation and Changing Negative Thoughts.

I loved how they included this topic to start off 2020. When dealing with chronic illness it is important to pay close attention to our mental state. More often than not, we focus only on the physical aspects of our illness and we tend to ignore the ramifications it has on our mind and emotions.

February was all about educating chronic illness warriors on the right way to exercise.

I really found this bundle helpful because I hadn't been able to consistently workout since November. I was beating myself up for not being active enough, despite knowing that my body was fatigued and needed to rest. But being able to learn about small ways I can stay active, low impact exercises I can do without putting so much stress on my body and links to workout routines I can do from home is giving me the motivation and push to take it on step at a time and let my body and mind enjoy being active again. No more guilt and beating myself up! Slowly but surely, I will reach my fitness goals.

After being a member for three months, here are my main reasons on why I truly believe The Chronic Wellness Club is a fantastic project and why I urge you to go check it out. You won't regret it!

1. The people contributing and being interviewed are just like you and me. They are real humans that are also dealing or have dealt with illnesses. This gave me a sense of connection and feeling understood. Knowing that I am not alone in this journey and feeling inspired by the resilience of these warriors helped me believe that I can overcome the obstacles I'm facing and thrive in all aspects of my life.

2. The topics and resources provided can be applied every day. This is a transformative platform that provides useful content that is meant to help you build a lasting happy and healthy life, little by little. This way you are able to feel more in control and not get overwhelmed with too many information.

3. The printable downloads are filled with practical steps and exercises for you to do. I love this approach because I love taking matters into my own hands. I learn more when I am actively doing something and not just reading about it. It feels more real and helps to make myself accountable.

4. I do not have a Facebook profile so I wasn't able to access the private Facebook Group. Looking back, I honestly wish I did because connecting with others is something I have been needing more in my life. From personal experience I can tell you that isolating yourself is not good. Being part of a community filled with loving, caring individuals that understand your struggles is cathartic and therapeutic. I totally recommend taking advantage of this feature.


I hope you really enjoyed this in-depth feature about The Chronic Wellness Club and about Ali's inspiring journey.

I want to thank Ali Hemsley for creating this platform and being so kind to share her knowledge and life experiences in order to help others who might be struggling and feel like there is no hope.

Thank you so much for reading. If you know someone that is struggling with chronic illness please share this post with them. You can be giving someone a beacon of hope during a very difficult time.

Remember to always be kind, compassionate and understanding with others- you never know what they might be going through.

Until next time.

Faërie Lifestyle

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