Essentials For The Perfect Cozy Autumn Night

Autumn is the perfect season to have a cozy night in. There's just something about it that inspires comfort. Being able to light the fireplace, put the kettle on and light all the incredibly smelling candles is in itself a sacred act that every Autumn loving person takes seriously.

In today's post I wanted to help you plan for the perfect cozy Autumn Night. That's why I'm sharing what I consider to be the must-have essentials to make your living space as inviting and comfortable as possible so that you're able to enjoy a relaxing night.

Essentials For The Perfect Cozy Autumn Night

Comfy PJs

A cozy night in starts with a set of comfy PJs. Look for something soft and cute like this Victoria's Secret sleep set.


If the night starts to get a little chilly there's nothing better than putting on a big soft jumper on to keep yourself warm. Go for something like this split side knit jumper from River Island or this cable knit cardigan from Nordstrom.

Comfy Socks & Slippers

I love wearing comfy socks whenever I'm chilling on the sofa watching Netflix all day. It's the best feeling in the world when your feet are warm and soft. Take advantage of your night in by wearing some fun socks like this Halloween socks from The Sock Drawer and pair it with the comfiest slippers ever.

1. Victoria's Secret sleep set

2. Split side knit jumper

3. Cable knit cardigan

4. Slippers

5. Halloween socks

Fluffy Soft Blanket

Having a soft throw blanket is the perfect way to make your night as cozy as possible. It keeps you warm and cuddly. A Faux Fur Throw Blanket like this one from Bed, Bad & Beyond is the perfect compliment for your sofa or bed.


Autumn is by far the season with the best candle fragrances ever. This Bath and Body Works candle in the scent Praline Pecan has the sweet aroma of Southern Pecans, Sparkling Cinnamon Sugar and Warm Caramel. If you want a more sophisticated smell opt for this Yankee Candle in the scent Crisp Fall Night that has a brisk earthiness and dreamy Interlude of lavender and woodland notes.

Fairy lights

Fairy lights are a must during the colder months. They give any space a feeling of warmth and comfort. If you want to feel relaxed and cozy during your Autumn nights in then browse the World Market selection and get yourself a couple of lights to string the around your home.

Cute Mug

A cute mug is such a good way to set the theme for your cozy Autumn night in. With all the hot cocoas and hot teas you'll be drinking, you need a new mug to keep you company. This blue porcelain mug from Bed, Bath & Beyond is enchanting and captivating.

1.Throw Blanket

2. Praline Pecan Candle

3. Blue porcelain mug

4. Crisp Fall Night Candle

Movies/TV Shows Selection

A cozy night wouldn't be complete without the movies and TV shows. That's the whole point of a night in. Check out my post about the best Netflix shows to binge watch during Autumn and my list of movies I never get tired of watching.


You need a good book to curl up to in the sofa while listening to your Autumn candles burn. I made a post sharing my book recommendations that I'm really excited to read during the season. You can read all about it here.


Comfort food tastes better in Autumn. If you're looking for the perfect snack to eat while you have a Netflix movie marathon then opt for something health and delicious like this KIND bars with dark chocolate, pecan and cinnamon that also happen to be gluten free. If you're looking for a savoury snack then try this Pumpkin Tortilla Chips and Fall Harvest Salsa from Trader Joe's.

Warm Beverages

Autumn is one of the best times of the year to really enjoy a delicious selection of teas. The seasonal spices are the perfect ingredient to make the most incredible tea blends.

1. Pumpkin Tortilla Chips

2. Fall Harvest Salsa

3. Chocolate and Almond Herbal Tea by Bigelow

4. Cranberry Autumn by Harney & Sons

5. KIND bars

There you go guys, my selection of essentials to enjoy a cozy Autumn night. Let me know in the comments down below which was your favourite items. Like and share this post if you enjoy it. Also, let me know what are some of your personal essentials for a cozy night in. Thank you so much for reading.

Until next time.

If you've missed my previous Blogtober posts you can visit to catch up on all the cozy Autumnal posts I have shared.

"For as long as she could remember, she had thought that autumn air went well with books, that the two both somehow belonged with blankets, comfortable armchairs, and big cups of coffee or tea."

Katarina Bivald

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