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Divining Your Wellness with Medical Astrology

The following blog will give insight into the ancient and worthwhile practice of Medical Astrology. This largely forgotten practise, sheds valuable light on what it takes for you specifically to experience wellness and where your health vulnerabilities lie. As a Holistic Wellbeing Practitioner, I rely on this diagnostic tool to assist me in divining accurate prognosis; it gives amazingly accurate results.

Written in the Stars

Just like everything in life, your health is predestined, it’s written in the stars from the minute you are born. Yes, the time, location, and date you are born directly affect your entire wellbeing and its charting is spookily accurate.

Planetary Influences

Each planet correlates to different body parts and systems. For instance, your Sun sign is responsible for your vitality, cardiovascular system, thymus gland, energy levels, mood, wider immune system, and left eye. Your Sun sign is your external face to the World.

In contrast, your Moon sign reflects your inner world. Your Moon sign shows your response to change, fertility, lungs, stomach, oesophagus, bladder, meninges of the brain, digestion, and right eye.

Astrological Significance

We use seven planets in total to interpret your health and wellbeing: Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, the Moon, Saturn, and Venus. It’s important under which of the 12 Zodiac signs they fall, though the Sun is responsible for your overall individual constitution, which is crucial for homeostasis.

Mars in Gemini

So, for example, if you have Mars in Gemini you can expect to suffer from some of the following when you feel under attack or push yourself too far: nerve pains in the shoulders, arms and hands, hand injuries, asthma, pneumonia, pleurisy, bronchitis and or insomnia.

This is because Mars rules the musculature, hormones, testosterone, adrenal glands, red blood cells, iron levels, catabolic reactions and gallbladder.

Gemini Governs

Gemini governs your breathing, upper limbs and special senses (sight and hearing). Geminis tend to suffer from over active brains, being highly strung emotionally yet uncomfortable with deep emotions and the processing of them.

Lost Connections

These days, on the whole, people are completely ignorant of their planetary connections and influences. Getting reconnected is a hugely successful way of not only understanding your unique body but gaining tremendously useful information in determining what is actually wrong with you in the first place.

Natural Remedies

The treatments I give involve using indigenous herbs, foods, vitamins, minerals and essential oils. All completely natural with no compromise to the body and with great relief and healing success. You don’t have to put up with poor health, though the path to good health does involve permanent lifestyle changes nine times out of ten, it’s down to personal choice.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about Medical Astrology, how you are connected to the universe and that there is a simple way to uncover your personal path to wellness.

Please get in touch if you’d like to get your chart read or experience a bespoke 360 Wellness Consultation by visiting

As a holistic health & wellness practitioner, the Oily Witch is my way of returning forgotten wellbeing practices, supporting you to live well, in harmony with the natural world.

I am a Psychic Intuitive, qualified in Aromatherapy, Medical Astrology, Herbs, Nutritional Therapy and Counselling based in East Sussex. I treat your mind, body and soul, to achieve complete 360 holistic wellness. I am a Green Witch, whose purpose in life is to help you get and keep well.

I give Bespoke Wellbeing Consultations to divine where you are out of balance and use a combination of aromatherapy, indigenous herbs and nutritional therapy treatments to recalibrate your system.

For those seeking independence in their health and wellbeing, I run a series of workshops designed to give you that, starting with your physical body and taking you through to your spiritual self.

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