The Cutest Planners to Help You Stay Organized in 2020

Many of us wait until January to make big changes in our life. We are so excited about the possibilities of a new year and we set new goals and intentions that will hopefully turn our life around. But, in a couple of months we will not only be starting a new year but also a new decade. That's why I thought it is more than necessary to start preparing beforehand.

There has been a vast amount of research published, that debates on the required time it takes to form a habit. But one things for sure: it won't happen overnight. So instead of leaving it to fate or waiting for the magic of January 1st, why not start now? We still have around 77 days before 2019 is over, so you can master a couple of habits by the time the new year arrives.

In a previous post, I've talked about how you can use the last months of the year to refresh and realign your lifestyle and mindset and offered some simple tips and suggestions to help you get started.

The goal for today, is to help you find the right tool that will allow you to organize your life. Having a planner is such a game changer when it comes to staying on top of things and actually knowing what is going on with your life or work.

So I did some scouting online, to find some planners that are pretty and functional. Something you would actually be excited to use but at the same time will help you get things done. Let's take a look at what I found.

The Cutest Planners to Help You Stay Organized in 2020

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1. Rifle Paper Co. Wild Rose Planner

This adorable navy blue planner with golden details and floral accents is way too cute for you to not feel motivated to use it every single day. This planner is as pretty as it is functional and includes monthly and weekly spreads, inspirational quotes, ruled back pocket, and sticker sheets.

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2. Riley 2020 Spiral Planner

This 12 month planner is straight out of your pastel dreams. It has a soft and feminine design, and includes monthly at-a-glance pages, monthly tabs, note sections, contact pages, and two sticker sheets, to help you keep every little detail super organized.

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3. Big Plans 12 Month Large Planner

This colourful planner is a dream and will help you stay on top of your entire life in a breeze. Aside from the classic to-do lists and monthly, weekly and yearly spreads this planner is packed with cool artwork, stickers, a personality quiz and a 3D page complete with glasses!

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4.Gold Fitlosophy Fitness & Nutrition Planner

Many of us want to develop healthier habits in the new year. But keeping track of our fitness progress and nutrition isn't as easy as it seems. With this stylish and functional perpetual planner -that includes monthly goals bookmark, weekly goals, stickers, fitness & nutrition checklist, habit tracker, and much more- you can succeed in developing a new healthy lifestyle.

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5. Rifle Paper Co. Garden Party Large Planner

This elegant and gorgeous floral planner from Rifle Paper Co. is going to become your favourite in no time. This is a large size planner that includes monthly and weekly calendar pages, sticker sheets, notes, contacts, a pocket folder, ruler, and inspirational quotes, perfect to keep every little life detail in one place.

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6. Cocorrina Moon Magic 2020 Planner

How adorable is this lunar-inspired planner? It includes some cute designs for the weekly and monthly layouts, as well as specific planning and budget sections for each month.

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7. Kate Spade Classic Novels Mega Planner

This has got to be the cutest planner cover I've ever seen. This planner is so feminine and beautiful that I drool every time I look at it. It features a sticker sheet, monthly and weekly spreads, notes pages and is the perfect size for you to write down and track everything.

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8. Vera Bradley Laos Lily Planner

This planner has a colourful design that instantly brightens your day. Stay organized all year long with the functional pages, lists, calendars as well as the cutest covers and stickers.

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There you have it guys, the cutest selection of planners to help you get on track and stay organized in the new year and to ensure that you start this new decade in the right way.

Let me know in the comments down below, which planner did you like the most? Also, tell me all about your goals and resolutions and how you plan to make 2020 the best year of your life. Let's chat.

Thank you so much for reading,

Until next time.

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