Best Songs for a Spooky Halloween Playlist

Happy Thursday and welcome to a new Blogtober post and the first post of Halloween Week. From October 25th to October 31st all the posts I'll be sharing are going to be Halloween themed. So prepare yourself to be spooked for the upcoming seven days.

I'm really excited to share all things scary/creepy to set the mood for Halloween. The first Halloween Week post is not going to freak you out... maybe just a little. Today I wanted to share a Halloween Playlist with some of the best songs to play at a Halloween party or small get together with your friends. You can also listen to this playlist if you're planning an at-home Halloween.

Whatever you decide to do to celebrate Halloween, this songs are perfect to set the mood as soon as you hit play. Let's take a look at my song selection down below.

Best Songs for a Spooky Halloween

I hope you liked my Halloween Playlist. Let me know in the comments down below what were your favourite songs from the playlist. Also share what are your go-to songs for a spooky Halloween. If you enjoyed this post, like and share it with your friends. Thank you so much for reading.

Until next time.

If you've missed my previous Blogtober posts you can visit to catch up on all the cozy Autumnal posts I have shared.

"When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers 'tis near Halloween."


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