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Being Honest With Yourself

Hey guys, we are one week into the new year. I know this time can get a little overwhelming for people, especially if they’re fed up keeping up with all the resolutions. Although, I think setting goals and planning ways to improve different areas of your life is amazing, there’s something far more important: how you really feel.

A couple of days ago, I was in my kitchen reminiscing about all the times I’ve encountered people on the streets that ask me: “how are you doing?” and my answer has always been the same. But this automatic response has been programmed to my brain. I’ve never seem to have the courage to tell people how I’m really doing or feeling. I know sometimes it’s best to keep your problems to yourself. Trust me, I’m a very private and introverted person. But if you’re not doing “fine” or “good”, it’s time to stop saying you are. And I don’t mean telling it to other people. It’s okay to keep it to yourself. But it’s important to ask yourself this question and be honest with your response.

So, that night I told myself that from now on I was going to be truthful about how I’m really doing and feeling. Whether I’m feeling happy, confident, sad, stressed, anxious, motivated, hopeless, tired… it doesn’t matter. I won’t hide it anymore. I won’t lie to myself and pretend I’m feeling some other way.

From a young age, I was taught to repress my emotions, to not cry in front of people, to pretend my life was perfect. And this cold behaviour started to catch up with me. As I grew up, I learned that I was a very sensitive and emotional person. It took me years to embrace my truth. I gave myself permission to feel, to cry while watching a movie, to dance to my favourite songs and let my heart break when listening to sad ones. I accept myself and my emotions because it’s all part of my journey.

It’s a healthy practice to acknowledge how you’re feeling at any moment. Writing it down in a journal and reflecting on it can help you understand where all these feelings are coming from. Be proud of yourself, of your quirks, talents, dreams and passions. Stop worrying about the opinion others might have of you. You don’t own them anything. Live your life, live your truth and most importantly love yourself.

I hope you guys are ready to start expressing your true feelings and reflecting on them daily. Let me know in the comments if you do and don’t forget to share and like this post if it helped in any way.

Until next time.

Quote by Tracee Ellis Ross

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