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Behind the Screen with...

Hello guys! In today's post, I wanted to introduce a new blog series: Behind the Screen with... which consists of a series of interviews and conversations from a range of talented bloggers, influencers and other creative personalities, who give us a glimpse into their journey and share inspiring stories, thoughts, and advice.

I wanted to design a space for creative people to express themselves and have the opportunity to tell their stories and inspire others who are looking for guidance and support on how to start pursing and nurturing their creativity and individuality. Whether you're a new blogger or an already established one, or maybe you're considering a creative career in arts, media or the internet. I'm sure you'll discover something new, fascinating and compelling. I want you to know that your talent, individuality and creativity are precious, esteemed and special. You should feel proud of who you are because art and creativity make the world a beautiful and better place.

If you're able to read someone else's story on how they were able to purse their passions you'll have no doubt that you can do it too and that it’s never too late to achieve your dreams. There's nothing in the way to stop you from flourishing and getting what you want. The key is hard work, perseverance and sacrifice, as you'll learn from the amazing stories that are part of this series.

The first sets of Features are now published. I had the opportunity to interview some amazingly talented and accomplished bloggers who use their platforms to spread a message of kindness and positivity, with a focus on helping people reach their biggest potential and live the best life possible.

First, we have Rachel Maston from She shares her story of resilience, courage and persistence. Rachel is a brave woman who decided to follow her passion and help curious people live holistically through natural, simple, and affordable lifestyle changes.

You can read her interview here.

Connect with Rachel


Second, we have JP Thomas from JP is a successful girl-boss who balances her career, life and blog. In her site she shares vegetarian and vegan recipes, life hacks, home décor ideas, health and wellness tips, as well as career advice.

You can read her interview here.

Connect with JP


Be sure to check these amazing women's blogs and social medias and don't forget to read their interviews. I want to thank Rachel and JP for agreeing to participate and investing their valuable time to collaborate with me. You both are so sweet and kind.

I hope you feel inspired by these stories. Like and share this post and the interviews if you found them encouraging and useful. Let me know in the comments down below if you like this interview series and if you want me to do more like it. Stay tuned for more interviews as I'll be adding new ones on a regular basis, both to the Behind the Screen with... series as well as other future Features. Thank you so much for reading.

Until next time.

Faërie Lifestyle

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