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10 Favourite Underrated Female YouTubers

My Top 10 Favourite YouTubers

Hello everyone and welcome back to a new post. Today I wanted to share with you a list of my favourite YouTubers that I'm currently obsessed with. I like to spend my free time watching Netflix and YouTube and I realized that I have shared a few posts where I talk about movies and TV shows I love but not as much about YouTubers.

So I thought it would be nice to share some of the channels that are my go-to when it comes to all things lifestyle, beauty, inspiration and more. I hope you enjoy and give these channels a look.

1. Alex Gaboury

Content Type: Hairstyles, Hair Care and Beauty

Channel Link: Alex Gaboury

Alex Gaboury is a Canadian YouTuber with the most beautiful hair I've ever seen. Her channel focuses mainly on hair tutorials and hair care but she also uploads the occasional lifestyle videos.

Her hairstyles are some of the best and most creative you'll see on YouTube and what I really love about her is how easy and quick her tutorials are. Trust me when I tell you that it doesn't matter if you're not skilled, you will be able to follow along and actually end up with a beautiful hairstyle.

Follow Alex on all her socials:


2. Brittany Vasseur

Content Type: Home, Lifestyle & Organization

Channel Link: Brittany Vasseur

I've been a fan of Brittany for such a long time. Her channel was one of the first I subscribed too when it still had 1K followers. I've seen her grow and I can honestly say her content is actually useful. well-researched and creatively filmed.

Brittany has such an incredible channel full of the most helpful tips to stay on top of your life. She offers the best cleaning, organization, life management, inspiration and money saving advice. She also shares weekly vlogs were she updates us on her life and we get to see her adorable son Carter.

Follow Brittany on all her socials:


3. Carli Bybel

Content Type: Makeup Tutorials, Beauty, Skincare, Life Vlogs, Follow Me Around and Get Ready with Me.

Channel Link: Carli Bybel

Carli was one of the first YouTubers I watched and I was immediately hooked on her videos. Not only is she out of this world beautiful, she is an incredibly talented makeup artist and is also the sweetest most genuine girl ever. She has such an amazing personality and is always sharing her life experiences to help motivate and inspire her subscribers.

Follow Carli on all her socials:


4. Claudia Sulewski

Content Type: Lifestyle, Beauty, Fashion, Travel, Vlogs

Channel Links: Claudia Sulewski & Claudia Sulewski Vlogs

Claudia is one of the most inspiring content creators on YouTube. She started her channel many years ago and is constantly working hard to share lifestyle, fashion, culture and beauty videos with the most original production. Every video is so attentive to detail and you can see how committed she is. Her personality is sweet and creative and she has the coolest taste in clothes, music and home decor.

But my favourite reason and why I've been a fan for so many years is how genuine and open she is. Her work ethic is inspiring and in her vlog channel she takes us around her weeks: going to meetings, preparing for auditions and the occasional sit down videos that motivate the hell out of you.

Follow Claudia on all her socials:


5. Elanna Pecherle

Content Type: Beauty, Hair, Fashion, Lifestyle, Weekly Vlogs

Channel Link: Elanna Pecherle

Elanna is one of the sweetest people ever. Her bubbly and warm personality instantly attract you and her humble and relatable manner is one the reasons I adore her so much. She is so beautiful, she literally looks like an angel, and shares the best makeup and hairstyle tutorials I've ever seen. She also does fashion look-books that are filled with the best outfit options that are actually wearable and affordable.

I'm a big fan of her weekly vlogs, where she shares her home and work life. And the best part is getting to see her gorgeous daughter Olive and her fun but shy husband Paddy.

Follow Elanna on all her socials:


6. Emily DiDonato

Content Type: Beauty, Fashion, Wellness

Channel Link: Emily DiDonato

I've recently discovered Emily DiDonato but I have to say she instantly became one of my favourite YouTubers. Emily is a model with more than a decade of experience in the industry. In her channel, she talks about all things lifestyle, fashion, beauty and wellness. She also shares a glimpse into her life as a model and what it's like living in NYC.

She has such a sweet, friendly and welcoming personality that after one minute of watching her videos, you'll feel as if you already know her.

Follow Emily on all her socials:


7. Jessica Tull

Content Type: Cleaning, Organization, Motherhood

Channel Link: Jessica Tull

Jessica Tull is seriously life goals. Her cleaning and organization videos make me want to get my life together. She's a hard working mother of three young kids and she is so open and real about her life and struggles.

I don't have kids, but if you do I'm sure you'll find her videos even more helpful. I love watching her clean and organize her home, When I feel like a sloth, watching her inspires me to get more perspective on life and make my living space harmonious and clean.

Follow Jessica on all her socials:


8. Kalyn Nicholson

Content Type: Lifestyle, Fitness, Motivation, Mental Health, Coffee Talks, Travel

Channel Link: Kalyn Nicholson & Koze

Kalyn Nicholson is the best friend we all need in life. She's funny, quirky, creative and such a girlboss. She has become one of my role models and I love watching her videos.

Her sit-down style videos feels like you're talking to a best friend. And when you're going through a dark or confusing time, listening to her advice and perspective instantly lifts your mood and gives you strength to tackle whatever it is that's holding you back.

Follow Kalyn on all her socials:


9. Meredith Foster

Content Type: Lifestyle, Body Positivity, Life Updates, Advice, Home

Channel Link: Meredith Foster

Meredith is such a sweetheart and so down to earth. Her videos are filled with the best life advice. She is so open about her struggles that the minute you hear her talk, you instantly connect and relate to her story.

Through the years, Meredith has done so much growing as a person and you can see how she has matured compared to her first years on YouTube. And that's why I love her so much. She is so brave for putting herself out on the internet yet she is so gracious and humble.

Follow Meredith on all her socials:


10. Sweet Emelyne's

Content Type: Lifestyle, Vintage, Hauls, Shopping, Vlogs, Home

Channel Link: Sweet Emelyne's & Our Little Nest

Emelyne is a vintage princess with the sweetest personality. She started her channel sharing baking videos but has evolved so much in the past years. She loves sharing about her vintage lifestyle as well as the cutest fashion try-on hauls and shopping videos.

I love how sweet and humble she is. I've been a huge fan of hers for so long and I'm so proud of all she has achieved through her hard work, commitment, perseverance and faith. Emelyne will inspire you with her life perspective and you'll instantly love her videos.

Follow Emelyne on all her socials:


I hope you enjoyed this post. Please, let me know in the comments who are some of your favourite YouTubers and what kind of videos do you like watching? I would really love to know and discover new YouTubers to watch.

Thank you so much for reading this post! Like and share it to spread the love. I really appreciate your support.

Until next time.


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